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Flexible .30 cal Ammo Belt

GasPatch Models, 1:32 scale

Reviewed by Luke Pitt


Item No., Scale and Description:

GasPatch 1:32 Flexible 30 cal Ammo Belt. Item No. Not Quoted

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Available online from GasPatch Models' web store and specialist retailers worldwide

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First Read


Fantastic detail and perfect casting; versatile use as 1:32 for .30 cal or in 1:48 scale for military or aircraft models as .50 cal.




I can’t recommend these highly enough.



You’re probably saying to yourself right now “what the heck – 1:32 scale?”, but bear with me everyone.  I’m always on the lookout for products and material that we can used in 1:48 scale and you know what? These would work well as 1:48 scale 50 call Ammo belts. Unlike photo-etch, these are cast in a flexible resin and as a result may be draped and are three-dimensional as opposed to being two-dimensional (like photo etch).

Of course, they will be fantastic as .30 cal ammo belts as intended in 1:32 scale too!



I can’t recommend these highly enough. They are very cool.

Thanks to Gas Patch for the sample www.gaspatchmodels.com

Text and Images by Brett Green
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