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Leopard 1 and 2A4 Barrels

Leopard Workshop, 1/35 scale

Reviewed by Andrew Judson


Stock Number and Description and Price

Leopard Workshop 1:35

LW017M, Leopard 2A4 Barrel

LW019E, Leopard 1 European L7 Barrel

LW019N, Leopard 1 Naked L7 Barrel

Available online from Leopard Workshop

Scale: 1/35
Media and Contents: See detail below
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Seamless improvement over kit barrels; accurate; high level of detail.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended.


Modern German subjects, especially the Leopard Family, have always been quite a popular, and here we have three barrel sets from the Leopard Workshop that I’m sure people will be keen to add to any Leopard builds they have planned for the future.

Each of these 1:35 scale sets comes in the form of resin, with additional metal parts for two of them. The resin is cast to a high standard, with minimal cleanup required. Assembly is simple and each set has instructions and reference photos, very handy. This all comes packed in a clear plastic bag with a brand name header card.

I will now describe each set in a little more detail so you know what you get.

The first, a Leopard 2A4 barrel, comes in seven resin parts, being two barrel ends, early and current, a barrel base for use with Meng kit, the barrel itself and then a choice of three different fume extractors being smooth finish, fine fibreglass texture and lastly, rough fibreglass texture.



The reference photos for this are very good also giving the different variants of barrel ends and fume extractors, all in colour, also helpful for when you paint it up.

Second is the European L7 Barrel, which can be used on any Italeri, Revell, Meng, or Takom Leopard 1.



There are nine resin parts and a metal barrel. This set can be used on Leopard 1 up to the 1/A5 variant depending on the barrel ends and counterweight used. Being that it suits many variants and brand names, this is a great add on.



Lastly is the naked variant of the L7 barrel, which consists of four parts in total, three in resin and the metal barrel itself.



This also fits the Italeri, Revell, Meng and Takom kits, and is pretty much the same as the European only with out all the thermal sleeves and only has the counter weight, no collimator. This barrel will also fit vehicles such as the M60 and Centurion tanks as well.



These are great additions for your Leopard kit, whichever variant you choose, and I recommend these indeed.


Thanks to Leopard Workshop for the samples

Text by Andrew Judson
Images by Brett Green
Images by Leopard Workshop
Page Created 20 December, 2015
Page Last Updated 20 December, 2015