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AMMO by Mig Jimenez

Weathering and Painting Product Roundup

January 2022

Reviewed by Brett Green


Stock Number, Description & Price AMMO by Mig Jiminez (see details below)
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Versatile and useful finishing products.
Recommendation: A wide selection of painting and finishing products.


F i r s t L o o k

AMMO by MIG Jimenez has released a batch of new painting and weathering products. Let’s take a look in detail:

Ammo by Mig Jimenez
StuG III Early and Mid Colours
Item No. A-Mig 7185

AMMO’s latest addition to their vehicle paint range is a set of six colours used on early and mid-version Sturmgeschutz III.



The paints are acrylic. The bottles are squeezable plastic. They are capped with a screw-top plastic lid.



The six plastic bottles are packed securely inside a cardboard box with a convenient sliding tray.



The colours in this set cover the period from the mid-1930s until the introduction of mid-war camouflage in 1942/43. In addition to the base colours of Panzer Grey and Dark Yellow, there is also the desert shade of Sand Grey and disruptive Dark Green and Red Brown.



The specific MIG paints included are:

  • A.MIG-0002 – RAL Olivegrun Opt.2
  • A.MIG-0008 - Dunkelgrau
  • A.MIG-0009 – Sandgrau
  • A.MIG-0087 – Olive Green
  • A.MIG-0010 – RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb
  • A.MIG-0015 – RAF8017 Schokobraun

Six suggested camouflage schemes for the StuG III are included, indicating the AMMO colours used on each.

Of course, these colours are not exclusively used on the Sturmgeschutz III. They will also apply to many other German vehicles used from the mid-1930s until 1943 or so.



Ammo by Mig Jimenez
StuG III Mid and Late Colours
Item No. A-Mig 7186



In addition to the set above, AMMO has simultaneously released a paint set for mid and late-version Sturmgeschutz IIIs.



This set covers colours used in the late-war period of 1944-45.



Two versions of late-war Dark Yellow are included, as are Olive Green, a primer red and Red Brown.



The specific MIG paints included in the late-war set are:

  • A.MIG-0001 – RAL 6003 Olivegrun Opt.1
  • A.MIG-0004 – RAL 6011 B Resedagrun
  • A.MIG-0011 – RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb aus 44 DG I
  • A.MIG-0012 – RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb aus 44 DG III
  • A.MIG-0014 – RAL 8012 Rotbraun
  • A.MIG-0015 – RAF8017 Schokobraun

Once again, these colours are not exclusively used on the Sturmgeschutz III. They will also apply to many other German vehicles used in the late-war period of 1944-45.





AMMO by MIG Jimenez
Figures Set
Japanese Infantry WWII
Item No. A.MIG-7040

Here’s a very useful set for anyone who paints Japanese WWII figures. This is Item No. A.MIG-7040 in their Figures Set series, Japanese Infantry WWII.



Four acrylic paints are included:

  • AMMO F-505 – Pale Yellow Green
  • AMMO F-541 – Rust Ochre
  • AMMO F-554 – Pacific Green
  • AMMO F-514 – Field Grey Shadow

They are packed in a clear plastic box.



The rear of the box contains two images of a painted figure – front and back views – with a guide to what colour goes where.

The paints themselves are contained in a familiar shaped squeezable plastic bottle with screw cap. They have a metal rattle ball inside to make sure the paint will be thoroughly mixed after shaking the bottle.



This new uniform painting set from AMMO by MIG Jimenez will be useful to armour and figure modellers. Although the colours have been specifically selected for Japanese WWII infantry, they will also be appropriate for other general painting jobs.

All the paints are also available separately.



AMMO by MIG Jimenez
Vignettes Acrylic

  • A.MIG-2152 - Mud Light Earth Ground
  • A.MIG-2156 – Sand Ground
  • A.MIG-2157 – Asphalt Ground

AMMO has launched a new series of acrylic texture materials called Vignettes Acrylic. These are all packaged in a generous 100 ml plastic container with a screw-top lid. The container is also sealed with foil, which you can peel off the first time that you use the product.

The first product to be reviewed is their item no. A.MIG-2152 - Mud Light Earth Ground. This is a thick, gritty acrylic paste. It comes in a pale earth colour, but you will be able to tint the shade with any acrylic paint. Also, AMMO has another five earth and mud shades in this series, so you’ll be able to achieve plenty of variety.



AMMO’s Vignette Acrylic mud may be used as groundwork or directly on a vehicle. It looks like this would work well as dried mud on the lower hull and running gear of vehicles, and also on the recessed surfaces of tracks.



Next up is A.MIG-2156 – Sand Ground. As you’d expect, the texture on this one is not as pronounced as the Light Earth. This will be perfect for creating desert groundwork or weathering of desert-based vehicles.



Lastly in this batch, A.MIG-2157 Asphalt Ground will be appropriate for creating asphalt road surfaces or perhaps larger compounds. This one will be specifically for groundwork.



This is an interesting new range from AMMO. I have been looking for a replacement for my beloved Maru Technics Easy Mud range, now long unavailable, and I think that these new acrylic texture paints might just do the trick.

All Recommended.

Thanks to AMMO by Mig Jimenez for the samples https://www.migjimenez.com/en/