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Deluxe Materials

Finishing Product Roundup

November 2021

Reviewed by Brett Green


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Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Versatile and useful finishing products.
Recommendation: A wide selection of modelling and finishing products - all recommended.


F i r s t L o o k

Deluxe Material has sent a selection of modelling and finishing products from their large range for review.


Perfect Plastic Putty



Perfect Plastic Putty is a one-part filler that is easy to apply and clean up.

The putty comes in a squeezable tube with a separate plastic nozzle and a cap to prevent the filler from drying out.



I have used Perfect Plastic Putty on a recent modelling project and I was impressed. The putty may easily be squeezed onto the surface to be filled and it remains workable for enough time to shape and wipe the putty to minimize the amount of sanding and shaping after it has set.



Once it is set, the putty may be sanded and painted without any problems.

This is a nice, easy to use putty for non-structural filling tasks.


Liquid Gravity



Liquid Gravity is essentially a bottle full of tiny lead pellets that will flow into and fill any space that requires weight.

The lead pellets are supplied in a soft plastic bottle with an application nozzle and a plastic cap.



I also used this product on a recent aircraft model that required quite a lot of nose weight. I carefully poured the Liquid Gravity weights into the nose halves, pausing about halfway through each side to fix the weights in place with Rocket Hot super glue. It flowed easily. I was a little worried that the large amount of super glue may overheat while curing but all was well.



This is a clever and easy to use product for any project requiring weight.


Looks Like Glass



Here’s another one that I have already made use of.

Looks Like Glass is a clear acrylic liquid finish. It may be used for any application that requires a hard, shiny acrylic gloss coat.

It may be used like Future, dipping or spraying clear parts such as canopies.



I used Look Like Glass to apply shiny clear lenses on an instrument panel and a radar operator’s panel. I found that the lenses looked best after two coats of Look Like Glass.

There are lots of potential applications for this product. As well as the two noted above, this could also be used as a gloss coat to seal a paint job prior to application of decals.

This product will be especially welcome where Future Floor Polish (under its various new names) is hard to find.


Roket Super Glues



Deluxe Materials offers a range of cyanoacrylate glues (super glues) for different modelling applications. They have sent four for review.

Roket Rapid is a fast setting, medium viscosity super glue that bonds in 5 to 10 seconds. This will be a good general purpose adhesive.



Roket Max is a thick, non-runny super glue that bonds between 10 and 20 seconds. This will be the ideal super glue to use where you need extra working time to place parts.



Roket Odourless is a clear, non-blooming super glue that also bonds in 10 to 20 seconds. This will be perfect for modellers and/or their spouses that have sensitive noses (I have one of those spouses), or for use on non-coated clear plastic parts.



Roket Hot is a super-thin penetrating super glue that sets in between 1 and 5 seconds. This will work well using capillary action, drawing the thin liquid along joins.



Super Glue Complimentary Products

Deluxe also offers a range of associated products for use with or on their Roket super glue range.



These include Roket Tricky Stick. This is a thin liquid supplied in a glass bottle that will allow super glues to bond with shiny plastic and foams that might otherwise not set.



Glue Buster is a super glue solvent. It will dissolve super glue from plastic and other hard surfaces. It will also work on sticky fingers!



Although the Roket super glue nozzles are quite fine, Deluxe Materials also offers two sets of even fine application tips – Roket Glue Tips and Micro Tips & Tube. These simple accessories are simply pressed onto the Roket bottle’s tip and then cut to whatever length and width the modeller wishes.


White Glues

The final Deluxe Materials products to be examined today are Glue ‘n’ Glaze and Roket Card Glue.



The main intended use for Glue ‘n’ Glaze is to make clear windows, but it will also ideal for smear-free bonding of clear canopy parts in injection moulded or vac-form plastic. It will also be handy for gluing tiny photo-etched parts.



Roket Card Glue will offer a clean and instant bonding of paper, cardboard, wood and plastic.

Thanks to Deluxe Materials for the samples https://deluxematerials.co.uk