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GREX 0.3mm Clear View Cap & Airbrush Side Cup Set

Reviewed by Cookie Sewell


Stock Number and Description

GREX Airbrush Accessories:

A044032 0.3mm Clear View Cap; price US$15.00

CP05-SS Airbrush Side Cup Set; price US$50.00

Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Makes using the side feeder airbrushes much simpler with interchangeable tanks; easier to clean; tip now provides for much easier fine line painting
Disadvantages: Specific to GREX airbrushes
Recommendation: Highly Recommended for all GREX side-feeder users and those with a 0.3mm needle brush



Fifteen years ago I bought a GREX Tritium TS3 airbrush with a side feed cup and pistol-grip trigger assembly. This was a great brush to use and fun to operate, but cleaning it was a mess; it seemed the side feed tanks were more for use with ink than acrylic paints. After some fights with it on cleaning I put it aside and bought a top-feeder Genesis.

 At this year’s AMPS 2024 show GREX was on hand and now offers a new package for the side feeders. Set CP05-SS consists of three 5cc cups and a conversion mount so that the side feeder can be converted to use snap-in top-feeder tanks as well as a suction-feed bottle attachment to turn the cap into a larger feed. The caps are all machined aluminum and come with tops for use on their own.

This corrects my one dislike of the Tritium brush and now means I can use it like the other top feeders with a much easier way to clean and maintain the brush.

The Clear Sight Cap is a domed cap that replaces the tip assembly on any brush with a 0.3mm needle. It permits better fine painting of a model and even permits you to write with the brush if you get the paint mix and air pressure right.

I am happy to return what has to be one of the most comfortable air brushes I have ever used to the fold!