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Iwata Airbrushes & Smart Jet Compressor

Andrew Dextras
Tamiya High Grade Airbrush Line Andrew Dextras
Aber 350A68 Hand Tools Andrew Dextras
Eduard Express Masks Frank De Sisto
Ultracast Unmounted Wheel Sets for Panther A/G, Cromwell & Centaur Eric Mac Intyre
The Small Shop "Hold and Fold" Cookie Sewell
Michael Dobiesz Turned Barrels Andrew Dextras
Wiking Decal #6 & 7 Tony Leung
JS Models #JS15 T-34/76 Equipment set Tony Leung
JS Models #JS04 T-34 Laminate Model 1943 turret Tony Leung


Anti-Tank Weapons Peter Brown
Armes Militaria #36 "L'ete 1943(2) Objectif Messine" Frank De Sisto
Tanks and Other Armoured Fighting Vehicles - Bovington Tank Museum (video) Peter Brown
Militaria i Fakty Magazine Peter Brown / Andrew Dextras
Ground Power 43 A.J. Carrington
Ground Power 53 A.J. Carrington
Osprey Order of Battle # 4 & 5 The Ardennes Offensive - The Northern Sector John Prigent
Osprey Order of Battle #8 & 9 The Ardennes Offensive John Prigent
Panzer's Tactics: Painting and Weathering Military Vehicles Volume One: World War Two Andrew Dextras
6 June 1944, Soldiers in Normandy Tony Leung
Suomalaiset Panssarivaunut 1918-1997 (The Finnish Armoured Vehicles) Tony Leung
Tanks! Video Series part 2 Peter Brown
South African Colours and Markings Peter Brown
Operation Bagration John Prigent