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Bold Division Kit No. BD35045 - Skink 20mm Quad Anti-Aircraft Tank Brett Green
Hussar 35025 Polish Sherman Decals Part 3 Andrew Dextras
IBG Models Kit No. 35069 - 7TP Polish Tank Single Turret Brett Green
Eduard 35296 Renault FT-17 Frank De Sisto
Meng Kit No.TS008 - French FT-17 Light Tank (Cast Turret) Brett Green
Mirage 35901 C7P Artillery Tractor Andrew Dextras
Starmer's Armour British & Canadian M4 Shermans in Europe 1943-45 Peter Brown
Starmer's Armour US & Allied M4 Shermans in Europe 1944-45 Peter Brown
Tamiya Kit No. 35344 - SOMUA S35 Brett Green
Tamiya Kit No. 35373 - French Light Tank R35 Brett Green
Tamiya Kit No. 32411 - French Armoured Car AMD35 1940 Brett Green


Title Reviewer
4th New Zealand Armoured Brigade in Italy Peter Brown
Allied Artillery of World War Two Peter Brown
British and Commonwealth Armoured Vehicle Stowage Diagrams Part 1: Canadian and American-Built Armour 1939–45 John Prigent
DAF Pantserwagens Voor de Regimenten Huzaren Andy Lang
Osprey Elite 151, World War II Jungle Warfare Tactics John Prigent
Osprey Men-at-Arms 66: Montgomery's Desert Army Frank De Sisto
Osprey New Vanguard 113: M3 Lee/Grant Medium Tank 1941-45 John Prigent
Polish Armoured Vehicle Markings and Camouflage Parts 1 & 2 Andrew Dextras
Sicily and Italy 1943-1945 John Prigent
The Rhine Crossings 1945, by Ken Ford, illustrated by Howard Gerrard, Osprey Publishing Ltd John Prigent
TANK ART 2 - WWII Allied Armor by Michael Rinaldi Brett Green
Trackstory 1, Somua S 35 John Prigent
Vehicles of the Polish Armed Forces Eastern Front 1943-45 Camouflage and Markings Vol. 1 Andrew Dextras
Wydawnictwo Polish Shermans Volume 1  Andrew Dextras