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T-34 Tool Boxes

Bitskrieg, 1/35



We have received the following news and images about the next military releases from Bitskrieg:

“Our new product is a set of Soviet Russian tool boxes of the latest type, with reinforced profiles. They were used on T-34, T-44, T-54, SU-100 and JS-3 tanks in the final period of WWII and after it ended.

The design of the tool boxes was based on measurements and photos, just like the majority of our products. This documentation allows almost perfect recreation of the object in scale. What is also new is a new casting technology used to manufacture the set.



With the development of our LPIM casting technique we were able to implement an innovative DLI (Double Layer Injection) method for the purpose of casting items that require a larger casting block. We have encountered opinions in the past that perspective of removing such big chunk of resin off the delicate parts is a big downside of the product, that may otherwise be a big improvement for the kit quality wise. For many such issue simply disqualified scale upgrades like these. That’s why we have developed the DLI technology, which allowed us to divide the cast into two layers.

First one is made of the standard compound which is quite robust and very precise. The second one, used for the large casting block, is made of much softer compound for ease of further mechanical processing. It’s much easier to cut with any type of saw, modelling knife and to sand with either files or sanding paper. With the new casting method even a less experienced modeller will be able to cut off the blocks and prepare the desired part for installation within minutes.



The mentioned technology can’t be used for all of our products due to various factors, but it will be implemented in each case where it will make sense.

We also plan to gradually update our older sets (with large casting block issue) with DLI technology. Along with presented new releases, we are also re-releasing the earlier T-34 tool boxes sets in our offer in 1:35th scale, but with implemented DLI tech. and releasing series of similar sets but also in 1:48 scale. As they may differ in size, the quality and detail equals their larger brothers.”



Available online from Bitskrieg www.quickwheelstore.com/bitskrieg.html