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Covenanter Mk II Conversion Set

Dan Taylor Modelworks, 1/76 scale

Reviewed by Peter Brown


Stock Number and Description Dan Taylor Modelworks Kit Nos. C-76173 - Covenanter Mk II Conversion Set
Scale: 1/76
Media and Contents: 17 resin and 32 etched brass parts.

£17.50 available from Dan Taylor Modelworks website

Review Type: First Look
Advantages: At last!
Disadvantages: None noted
Recommendation: Just the thing for fans of Covenanter* and British WWII tanks in general.


Several months ago, one Andy Lang contacted me asking for confirmation of some details on a set of plans of the Covenanter series which I drew way, way back in 1984. He was using them to make the master for a conversion set to produce a Covenanter using parts from the IBG Models Crusader Mk.I or Mk.II kits (Nos. 72065 and 72067). Since then I have followed its progress. It has understandably been held up by various restrictions due to Covid-19 but I am pleased to hear that it is now complete and ready for sale.


Given the differences between the two tanks the conversion amounts to a complete hull cast in resin which uses IBG’s turret and suspension/track parts plus an etched brass sheet for new mudguards and many details. Images of the set’s resin and brass parts are attached, together with photos of a completed model built from test shots of both.



Instructions are provided using photos of a model being built. The section recommending that they should be read through first should be followed to the letter, especially where they cover the suspension! As to the quality of the scale plans included, I will make no comment. Well it was 36 years ago...



The end result is a Covenanter II. This was the improved version with the raised section at the back of the hull to improve cooling which was the original design’s biggest drawback. As both the earlier “flat” style of wheels and the dished type could be seen on Mk II tanks, leaving off the etched discs is an option. You may also want to fit oil-bath air cleaners from the IBG kits as the felt element units (resin parts 5 and 6) were only fitted to early tanks. Another alternative would be to replace the 2pdr with a 3” Howitzer to give a CS version.



As to other Marks, someone wanting a Covenanter I could replace the gun mantlet with the No 3 Mk.I pattern in place of the kit’s No 3 Mk II one, add a few items to the turret and of course lower the rear hull to meet the vertical rear.



The hull side cooling grille and later-style auxiliary fuel tank mounts are included to produce a Mk IV, notes in the instructions show the additional work needed which should be within the capabilities of a reasonably competent modeller. A Mk III would be a lot of work.



Even though a lot of kits of British tanks have been released in recent years, I would be surprised - well, amazed! - if a plastic Covenanter appeared in any scale. But until then, someone wanting a model of one in their collection could use this well-produced set. There are plenty of options for finishing as Covenanters were widely used in the UK.


Available from www.dantaylormodelworks.com

Text and Images by Peter Brown
Page Created 28 November, 2020
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