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Pz.Kpfw II Ausf. L Luchs w/Zusatspanzerung

Flyhawk, 1/72 scale

Reviewed by Cookie Sewell


Stock Number and Description Flyhawk Kit No. FH 3003; Pz.Kpfw II Ausf. L Luchs w/Zusatspanzerung
Scale: 1/72
Media and Contents: 252 parts (130 in dark grey styrene, 74 in black styrene, 48 etched brass)
Price: US$18.00
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: 1/72 scale kit with parts breakdown like a 1/35 scale kit; amazingly sharp moldings and details.
Disadvantages: Some parts can literally be termed “microscopic”!
Recommendation: Highly Recommended for for all late WWII German fans


A perennial favorite among German armor modelers has been the very late production Panzer II Ausf.  L or Luchs with its very sharp lines and more modern running gear than the diminutive early war models. While only armed with a 2 cm cannon it still made for an effective scouting vehicle.

There has been an explosion of 1/72 scale kit manufacturers over the last 10-20 years and this kit is from one of them. I had heard good things about Flyhawk but until now had never seen one of their kits in person. This one is noted as being released in 2016. I must say they do live up to their reputation!

The kit has a wealth of details and is amazingly well executed but will likely be more appreciated by advanced modelers used to teensy parts as this one has some less than 1mm in size, both in styrene and in etched brass. But if you want 100% faithful to the prototype that now goes with the territory.

 I do suggest if you have access to an enlarging Xerox machine you use it on the directions as they are quite busy and quite tiny – one two-sided sheet about 20 x 27 cm with six confusing assembly steps and miniature finishing directions. All versions come with the “spider” antenna offered either in brass or incredibly thin styrene.

Assembly starts with the hull – all of the road wheel arms are molded onto the vehicle’s base plate. Etched brass grillwork is provided as is a complex exhaust system.

Etched parts play a big role in detailing and maps are provided of the fender layouts where the tools – and etched clamps – are mounted. The staggered road wheels are pretty conventional so no major problems there.

The tracks do come as link and length, but the single links are miniscule and will need care in installing them. The left and right ones have different profiles, with each one needing six single links at the front and five at the rear. Figuring on the “carpet monster” striking here, Flyhawk does provide 34 of them per side.

Fuel can racks are made from etched brass and even separate handles are provided for the jerry cans. Care will be needed in fitting the turret as the directions show the “spider” antenna in place, so it would probably be wise to wait on installing that assembly until later in the build and finish.

Decals and painting directions are provided for six different vehicles, but no information is given as to their units or dates of use. One is in winter whitewash and the other five are in panzer braun with green mottling.

This is a superb little model but will test the patience and dexterity of many modelers!


Sprue Breakdown

A             1             Fenders

B             1              Hull

C             1              Stern plate

D             1              Belly plate

F              1              Engine deck

G             37           Left track – link and length

H             37           Right track – link and length

I               12           Jerry cans, details

J              13           Jerry can handles, ammo boxes, grill armor

K             21           Drivers, turret base, turret details

L              24           Wheels

M            16           Fender bins and details

N             21           Radio antennas and external details

O             18           Turret mantelet and details

PE           48           Etched brass


Text by Cookie Sewell
Page Created 20 April, 2024
Page Last Updated 20 April, 2024