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NOTEK Lamps for German AFVs

Hauler, 1/72 scale

Reviewed by Graham Carter


Stock Number and Description Hauler Item No. HLH72137 - NOTEK Lamps for German AFVs
Scale: 1/72
Media and Contents: Eight parts in grey resin

7.82 Euro plus shipping available online from Hauler

and hobby retailers worldwide.

Review Type: First Look

Much finer than plastic mouldings.

Disadvantages: Some care needed in moving parts from their casting block.
Recommendation: This is a useful accessory for modellers of small-scale German AFVs. Recommended.


Hauler makes a large number of resin and PE accessories for AFV kits and this is a handy one for modellers of small-scale German AFVs.



The NOTEK lamps were placed on the noses of just about every German vehicle from WWII, soft-skin and armoured. They are shrouded light fittings usually mounted on the left-hand track guard or wheel covers. Plastic replicas tend to be a bit simplified and these resin ones will be useful replacements.

Each lamp is made up from two parts - a base and the lamp body and some care will be required in separating the parts from the casting block.



There are no instructions but the parts are self-explanatory and come recommended for any modeller of small scale German vehicles.

Thanks to Hauler for the sample.

Text by Graham Carter
Images by Hauler
Page Created 9 September, 2023
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