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German Tank Tools

Hauler, 1/72 scale

Reviewed by Brett Green


Stock Number and Description Hauler Item No. HLH72139 - German Tank Tools
Scale: 1/72
Media and Contents: 11 parts in grey resin; 34 parts on one small photo-etched fret.

7.82 Euro plus shipping available online from Hauler

and hobby retailers worldwide.

Review Type: First Look

Much finer than plastic mouldings; separate straps and fittings.

Disadvantages: None noted.
Recommendation: This is a useful accessory for modellers of small-scale German AFVs. Recommended.


Hauler from the Czech Republic has just released a versatile small-scale accessory set.

Item No. H72139 is a set of 1:72 scale on-vehicle tools and equipment for German tanks.



Eleven resin parts are cast conventionally onto a single strip.

The parts include a block splitter, mallet, wire cutter, shovel, a long-handled shovel, a couple of long pinch bars, an axe and a set of towing shackles.



A small photo-etched fret supplies straps, buckles and shovel head mounts.

Preparation of the resin parts will be fast and easy, and the tools are pretty universal to any WWII German military vehicles.



This set will be handy for small-scale WWII German military vehicle modellers and diorama builders.


Thanks to Hauler for the sample www.hauler.com.

Text by Graham Carter
Images by Hauler
Page Created 9 September, 2023
Page Last Updated 14 December, 2023