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GMC and Leclerc T.5 Photo-Etched Update Sets

Hauler, 1/72 scale

Reviewed by Graham Carter


Stock Number and Description

Hauler 1/72 scale Kit Nos.

HLH72120 - GMC CCW/CCKW 353 for PST kit

HLH72116 - Sd Kfz 263 (8 rad) for the Roden kit

HLH72122 - Le Clerc T.5 for Revell kit


Scale: 1/72
Media and Contents: Photo-etched parts and instructions.

All available online from Hauler

and hobby retailers worldwide.

Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Mmost impressive PE sets.
Disadvantages: None noted
Recommendation: The parts will really enhance the basic kits as PE is so much finer than plastic moulding can represent.


Item No. HLH72120

This fret is designed for the PST kit of this large truck although I suspect some or all of it will be useful for the Airfix GMC truck as well.



It provides parts for the cab interior such as steering wheel, gear levers, windscreen frame and wipers, a radiator and fan, and exterior parts such as tool racks, radiator grills and light screens.

The larger parts are for the rear body where a set of seats and frames are provided along with mudflaps and their supports.

Some folding will be required and it will be important to keep all of the frames square to prevent fit issues, but I reckon these parts will really add to the kit.


Sd Kfz 263 ( 8 rad )
Item No. HLH72116

Designed for the Roden kit and providing parts for replacement bedstead aerial that adorned this important communication vehicle, as well as exterior panels, hatches, mirrors, handles, hooks, tools, grills and light covers and so on. Some parts are extremely fine ( such as the tie down hooks) and I would suggest cutting them from the fret inside a clear plastic bag to avoid feeding the beast that lives below most of our benches!



The parts will really enhance the basic kit as PE is so much finer than plastic moulding can represent. The aerial itself will probably need a layer of thick paint or white glue to thicken it up as it is bit 2-dimensional.



This set will really enhance the Roden kit of the eight wheeled Sd Kfz 263 communication vehicle and comes highly recommended.


Leclerc T.5

Designed for the Revell kit. This100x50mm sheet offers a mass of details such as brackets, hatches and handles for the turret, and the hull gets the same treatment.



Here there are more brackets, hatches and handles, along with fuel tank supports, mud/dust flaps and engine grills. PE offers much more finesse than plastic mouldings and this fret will certainly enhance the basic kit.



This is a very useful set of parts that will certainly enhance the Revell kit

All Recommended

Thanks to Hauler for the sample.

Text by Graham Carter
Images by Brett Green and Hauler
Page Created 30 October, 2021
Page Last Updated 30 October, 2021