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What does "in association with" mean ? is a member of the Associates Program . This means that every time you click on a link from the website to the website and make a purchase, receives a referral fee.

Where is my order? is a member of the Associates Program. If you have a problem with your order you should contact Please visit the help page for further information.

How can I recommend a book for inclusion in the bookstore?

Any book you recommend must appear at in order to be featured in the bookstore. We also try to make sure that we only feature books that are in stock on the website. Naturally, of course the subject matter of your book also needs to be of interest to our audience.

If you have a book you would like us to consider for inclusion in the bookstore,
please e-mail: Please include the name of the book and its URL (web address) on the website.

Why do the book cover images not always appear?

The book cover images that you see are hosted by; if an image is missing, it is most likely that do not have a copy of the image.

Why do banner ads appear instead of books sometimes?

All cover images and book details are served directly from This helps us to keep the information up to date. However, reserves the right to occasionally substitute the information with an banner ad. If you click the "refresh" button on your browser, the banner ad will generally disappear and the cover image and title details will return.

Can I buy a book from other amazon websites?

If the bookstore proves popular, we hope to link titles to a number of other amazon websites, including, and