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Accurate Armour C12 VT-34 ARV Andrew Dextras
Accurate Armour KT118 Ferret Mk. 1/1 Andrew Dextras
Accurate Armour KT124 Ferret Mk 5 Peter Brown
Accurate Armour C58 Warrior Infantry Command Vehicle Matthew Malogorski
Accurate Armour C69 T34-122 Andrew Dextras
Accurate Armour C70 T34-100 Andrew Dextras
AFV Club 35S-03 Waffentrager "Wiesel"MK20A1 Matthew Malogorski
AFV Club 35022 LVTP5A1 Landing Vehicle Tracked, Personnel Terry Ashley
AFV Club 35034 U.S. Army M35A1 Quad .50 Gun Truck John Prigent
AFV Club British CVR(T) FV101 Scorpion Peter Brown
Armour Track Model TK-01 BMP 1/2 Andrew Dextras
Armour Track Model TK-02 US T-156 Rubber Block Track Andrew Dextras
Armour Track Model TK-03 US T-158 Rubber Track Andrew Dextras
Armour Track Model TK-05 Soviet Model 1946 580mm Track (T54/55) Andrew Dextras
Arsenal BRDM-1 John Prigent
Eastern Express GAZ-66 with AA Gun ZU-23-2 Peter Brown
Eduard 34002 T72 Barrel Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35054 Sheridan Matthew Malogorski
Eduard 35070 MLRS Matthew Malogorski
Eduard 35203 Skif T-64A John Prigent
Eduard 35212 Skif BMP-3 John Prigent
Eduard #35319 M109A6 Paladin Frank De Sisto
Eduard #35328 T-80 MBT Frank De Sisto
Eduard #35329 T-72M2 w/ERA Frank De Sisto
Eduard #35336 URAL-4320 Frank De Sisto
Eduard 35426 M113 Vietnam ACAV Interior Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35428 M41 Walker Bulldog Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35430 M113 Vietnam ACAV Exterior Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35434 T-72 M1 Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35435 M163 A1/2 Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35436 M113 Zelda Interior Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35437 M113 Zelda Exterior Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35448 M60A1 (Academy) Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35456 Marder 1A2 Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35457 CVR(T) Scorpion Andrew Dextras
Elite Models #3505 Pzh 155mm M109A3GEA1 Conversion Matthew Malogorski
Friulmodel ATL-63 Merkava Mk 1/2 Andrew Dextras
Hong Kong Creation Workshop CK3502 Stridsvagn 122 (Strv 122) Andrew Dextras
ICM #35381 Soviet BM-21 "Grad" Cookie Sewell
Italeri #367 M925 Shelter Truck Cookie Sewell
Italeri #378 LAV-25 Motor Carrier Peter Brown
JS Models T-72M1 Turret Andrew Dextras
JS Models 2A46 125mm T72 Gun barrel Andrew Dextras
JS Models T72M1 Finnish Stowage Bin Andrew Dextras
Maple Leaf Models MLM1002 Michelin XML Spare Tire Set Andrew Dextras
Maple Leaf Models MLM1003 M113A2 External Fuel Tanks Andrew Dextras
Modelpoint 3544 System 902 A/B “Tucha” Dischargers Andrew Dextras
Model Valley #001 M1A1 Engine Set Frank De Sisto
Model Valley #005 Gun Truck for AFV Club M35 Frank De Sisto
Modelcraft Canada #35-9009 Centurion Mk. 3 Peter Brown
Panzershop #3503 T-55AM2 Olaf Kievit
Panzershop #3513 BTR-60PB Olaf Kievit
Revell (GmbH) #03037 Haubitze 203mm M110A2 Cookie Sewell
Royal Models #023 Microdetails for DML MLRS Matthew Malogorski
Skif 2S1 Gvozdika John Prigent
Tamiya #89555 Centurion Mk III Peter Brown
Tamiya 56016 1/16 M26 Pershing Andrew Dextras
Trumpeter T-54/55 Series Kits Peter Brown
Warriors MW006 M109A2 SP Howitzer Turret Interior Andrew Dextras
Warriors MW007 - M109 A1/A3 detail and accessory set  Andrew Dextras
Warriors MW011 M109/A1/A2 Lower Fighting Compartment Andrew Dextras
Washington Armor Productions WAC056 BMP wheels Andrew Dextras


Antar: The FV1200 series in British Army Service Peter Brown
Australian Fire Support Vehicles Peter Brown
Beulah MT7 AFV Techniques Video Peter Brown
The British Army - A Pocket Guide 2000-2001 Peter Brown
Canadians in Bosnia - A Study of Canadian AFVs in NATO Service in Bosnia Peter Brown
Commander - The Scammel Commander in British Army Service Peter Brown
Concord 7507 Russia's BMP Infantry Combat Vehicles John Prigent
Concord 7509 Warrior British Combat Vehicle Tracked John Prigent
Conqueror Peter Brown
Darlington #21 YPR 765 in Dutch Service Matthew Malogorski
Ferret: the FV700 series in British Army Service Peter Brown
German Wheeled Fighting Vehicles Peter Brown
IS ARVs - Tankograd Special #1 Peter Brown
IS ARVs - Tankograd Special #1 Andrew Dextras
The Tankograd Gazette Andrew Dextras
Israeli Military Vehicles - The First 50 Years 1948-1998 Peter Brown
Sovetskaya Voyennaya Moshch': Ot Stalina Do Gorbacheva (Soviet Military Power: From Stalin to Gorbachev) Cookie Sewell
Challenger Squadron Peter Brown
Russian Tanks and Armoured Vehicles 1946 to the Present Peter Brown
Concord # 7503 Russia's Main Battle Tank T-80U Tony Leung
Tanks in Chechnya Cookie Sewell
Warrior Company Peter Brown
Tuskers - An Armor Battalion in the Gulf War John Prigent
Wings and Wheels #6 Israeli Armour in Detail Peter Brown