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Extratech Small Scale Kits/Detail Sets Ian Hanratty
Extratech #72002 ZIL 157 truck Stephen Brezinski

Extratech #72003 M4A1 Sherman

Stephen Brezinski
Extratech #72004 Jagdpanther Stephen Brezinski
Extra Tech #72005 Beaverette Ian Smyth
Extratech #72006 Panther A, D & G Stephen Brezinski
JB Models Vickers Light Tank Mark VI Ian Hanratty
LEVA Productions #72-B-06 1/72 SU-152 Stephen Brezinski
MAC #87013 MaMAZ-4310 Heavy Military Truck Cookie Sewell
Matchbox/Revell 1/76 Panzer III Ausf. L

Tomasz Basarabowicz

Matchbox T34 model 1942 & Fujimi T34 model 1941 Tomasz Basarabowicz
Part Photo Etch for M1A1 Abrams # P72-014 & P72-015 Ian Hanratty
Revell Marder 1A3 Ian Hanratty
Revell Leopard 1A5 Alex Clark
Roco Minitanks PZH2000 155 SPG Matthew W. Malogorski
Roco Minitanks M-667 Lance Missile Carrier Matthew W. Malogorski
Skytrex British Small Scale Unit Signs and Arm of Service Markings Tomasz Basarabowicz





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