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AFV Club 35023 M113A1 FSV Terry Ashley
Detailing the Tamiya West German Marder 1 Matthew Malogorski
2S1 Gvozdika in Finnish Service Antti Tuurala
Superdetailing the DML T80 with ERA Matthew Malogorski
M88A1 Recovery Vehicle with interior detailing Theo Naus
Building Aran Models' Ferret Mk. 2/3 Don Dingwall
The Leopard series of Main Battle Tanks Olaf Kievit
Backdating Tamiya's M48A3 to an M48A1 Mike Millette
M109A6 Paladin Kevin Kenny
Building an AVGP Grizzly - part 1 JP Morgan
Quad 50 Gun Trucks Reference Library Alvaro Rodriguez
Superdetailing the GIAT "LeClerc" Main Battle Tank Matthew Malogorski