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Accurate Armour B35001 T34/85 Zis-S-53 85mm Turned Barrel Andrew Dextras
Archer Fine Transfers #35034 WWII Czech Turret Markings Andrew Dextras
Archer Fine Transfers Soviet WWII Markings Cookie Sewell
Cromwell CA-79 ISU-152 Model 1945 Andrew Dextras
Eastern Express KV-1S, KV-8 & KV-85 Peter Brown
Eastern Express SU-152 Peter Brown
Eastern Express #35127 BA-6 Armoured Car Peter Brown
Eduard #35325 BM-13 Katyusha Frank De Sisto
Eduard 35465 SU-122 Andrew Dextras
Eduard XT048 BT-7 Markings Andrew Dextras
Italeri #297 (Zvezda) ZIS-5 Cookie Sewell
ICM #35072 "Barbarossa"1941 / ICM #35131 "Battle of Kursk" 1943 Cookie Sewell
ICM #35141 Soviet 100mm BS-3 Cookie Sewell
Maquette #3562 FAI-M Russian Armoured Car Peter Brown
MA Mori MRP-01 KV-1s, KV-85, SU-152 late type standard wheels Andrew Dextras
MA Mori MRP-02 KV-1 Gun Mantlet Andrew Dextras
MA Mori MRP-03 KV-1s Engine Hatch  
MA Mori MRP-04 Bow Machine Gun and Horn for KV series Andrew Dextras
MA Mori MRP-05 KV-85 Engine Hatch  
Toko #122 Gaz-AA "Polutorka" Cookie Sewell
Toko #123 GAZ-AAA Cookie Sewell
Washington Armor Productions WAC010 T34/85 & T54/55/59 Smoke Canisters Andrew Dextras


Armada Soviet Jeeps Paul Gillan
Armada series # 7, 9 & 14 Cookie Sewell
Armada BT series part 2 Cookie Sewell
Armada Veritkal #5 Camouflage of the Tanks of the Red Army 1930-1945 Cookie Sewell
Armada #20 T-26 part 1 Andrew Dextras
Armada Unknown T-34 Andrew Dextras
Armada BT Tanks Andrew Dextras
Exprint Lend Lease Tanks 1941-1945 Peter Brown
Iron Fist of the RKKA Cookie Sewell
M-K Armored Collection 3-99 - T-34 (76mm) Medium Tank Cookie Sewell
Red Army Handbook 1939-1945 Peter Brown
Russian Tanks and Armoured Vehicles 1917-1945 Peter Brown
The T34 Tank Peter Brown
Steel Fortress T28 & Land Battleship T35 books John Prigent
Steel Fortress T28 & Land Battleship T35 books Peter Brown
Russian Armoured Cars 1930-2000 Peter Brown
Russian Armoured Cars 1930-2000 John Prigent
Entsiklopediya Otchesyvennoy Artillerii Steve Zaloga