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Academy #1392 Achilles M10 17pdr Sam Dwyer
Accurate Armour & Cromwell Matadors John Prigent
Accurate Armour A59 Cromwell Tank Engine Bay Andrew Dextras
Accurate Armour C41 Crusader Gun Tractor Andrew Dextras
Accurate Armour G01 Ordnance QF 17pdr Andrew Dextras
Accurate Armour C11 Stuart M3A3 Andrew Dextras
Accurate Armour C43 Crusader AA Mk III Conversion Andrew Dextras
Accurate Armour C44 Centaur AA MK. II Andrew Dextras
Accurate Armour C61 Stuart III/M3A1 Andrew Dextras
Armoured Brigade Models Late Production High Bustle Firefly Turret w/Oval Loader's Hatch ABM #012 Andrew Dextras
Armoured Brigade Models Late Production High Bustle 75mm Sherman Turret ABM #013 Andrew Dextras
Cromwell Models CA94 Centaur Dozer Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35395 Achilles Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35397 Crusader Sandshields Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35455 M3 Grant Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35470 Achilles (AFV Club) Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35473 25 pdr Field Gun Andrew Dextras
Eduard 35474 M3 Grant with Late Fender Type Andrew Dextras
Friulmodel ATL-60 Churchill Andrew Dextras
Maple Leaf Models MLM3001 4" Smoke Dischargers Andrew Dextras
Maquette Valentine XI Peter Brown
RHPS WE-210 "Double I" M3/M4 workable track set Andrew Dextras
Sovereign 2000 #V011 Austin K5 truck Andrew Dextras
Ultracast #135013 1gallon oil cans - British WWII Andrew Dextras


Beulah MT6 Armoured Cars Video Peter Brown
Beulah MT8 Tanks by Train Video Peter Brown
Concord #7027 British Tanks of WWII part 1 Frank De Sisto
Concord 7028 British Tanks of WWII (2) Holland and Germany John Prigent
Scammel Recovery (video) Peter Brown
Pioneer - The Scammel in British Army Service Peter Brown
Mr. Churchill's Tank Peter Brown
Mr. Churchill's Tank Frank De Sisto
For King and Country - British Airborne Uniforms, Insignia & Equipment in World War II Peter Brown

The British Soldier in Northwest Europe 1944-45 - Volume 1: Uniforms, Insignia and Equipment - Volume 2: Organisation, Armament and Vehicles

Peter Brown
MT4 Beach Recovery / MT5 Armoured Vehicle Recovery (videos) Peter Brown
New Vanguard #32: The Long Range Desert Group John Prigent
New Vanguard 48 the 25 pdr Field Gun 1939-72 John Prigent
Militaria #99 M4 Sherman vol II Peter Brown
Wydawnictwo Militaria #108 M3 Lee/Grant Peter Brown