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April1 ,2001 Added a review of the K59 Marder II D Turret Replacement Detail Set.  
March 29, 2001 Lord of the Softskins Jorge Lopez returns with 5 images of his small scale Ford V3000 (1/48).  Thanks Jorge!
March 22, 2001 Added the following reviews:  Panzer Tracts 6 - Schwere Panzerkampfwagen DW to E100 including the Tigers, Dreaded Threat - The 8.8 cm Flak 18/36/37 in the anti-tank role,  Aber 350A68 Hand Tools, Sovereign 2000 #V011 Austin K5 truck, Aber 35082 Jagdpanzer IV L/70 (V)  and an interesting new magazine from Poland called Militaria i Fakty Magazine.
March 21, 2001 Following some great suggestions from some Missing Links readers,  a new discussion group has been created whose focus is to allow modellers to display their latest projects using "in progress" photos as a sort of "virtual workbench".  AFV modellers can now get quick feedback  from their fellow modellers and share some construction and finishing techniques.  The new discussion group is named Constructive Comments.  Please feel free to post images of your latest project and share your modelling experiences with the rest of us.  Please remember to read the image posting instructions located at the top of the discussion group main page.  Again, many thanks to all the Missing Links readers who have contributed so many great ideas on how to improve this site.
March 19, 2001 Added the following reviews:  Techmod Tiger I late decals, Warriors MW009 - German 7.5cm Infantry Gun, Ultracast NW Europe Canadian Armour Decals, Ultracast #35030 British heads WWII (with Officers Service Caps) , RHPS WE-210 "Double I" M3/M4 workable track set and Ultracast #135013 1gallon oil cans - British WWII.
March 18, 2001 With his usual keen analytical eye, Peter Brown gives ML readers the scoop on Trumpeter T-54/55 Series Kits.  Also added the following reviews: Custom Dioramics CD-4005 Two Welders (with equipment), Warriors 35360 Wehrmacht Infantry Riding StuG - Set No. 1Warriors 35367 Wehrmacht Infantry Riding StuG - Set No. 2 , Warriors 35370 US Tanker - Relaxed Pose and Warriors 35371 British Paratroopers Arnhem 1944.
March 16, 2001 Added the following reviews:Friulmodel ATL-63 Merkava Mk 1/2, Friulmodel ATL-60 Churchill, Friulmodel ATL-61 Sdkfz 251 Final Pattern, Warriors MW008 Dodge WC51/52 Canvas Roof, Custom Dioramics CD 1119 German Gasthof part 1, Custom Dioramics CD 1120 German Gasthof part 2, Custom Dioramics CD5019 Normandy Road Signs WWII, Custom Dioramics CD5022 US & German Military Signs WWII, Custom Dioramics CD6022 European Gas Pump and Custom Dioramics CD 6023 Office Furniture
March 15, 2001 Tamiya's resident armour guru Bob Oehler returns with 10 images of his striking Famo.  Thnaks Bob!
March 11, 2001 La Bomba is back!!  The ever prolific Miguel "MIG" Jimenez presents another installment in his "how to" series in the Rarites World section of ML.  This time MIG asks Does your Model Need a Wash?.  Very informative and well worth printing out for future reference.  Mucho gracias MIG!
March 9, 2001 Added the following reviews:  Ultracast 35031 Canadian/British Jeep Driver Europe 1943-45, Ultracast 35032 Canadian/British Tank Crewman w/Jerrycan NW Europe 1944-45, Ultracast 35033 Canadian/British Tank Crewman Europe 1943-45, Ultracast 35034 Canadian Infantryman NW Europe 1944-45Osprey Men at Arms #347 The US Army in WWII (2) - The Mediterranean, Osprey New Vanguard #35 M26/M46 Pershing and Operation Bagration.
March 8, 2001 Added a review of the JJF book The Combat History of schwere Panzer-Abteilung 503, included in the review are 11 sample images.
March 5, 2001 Missing Links is proud to welcome Euromiltaire Best of Show Winner Marijn Van Gils as our new Missing Links Diorama discussion group host.  Many of you know Marijn from his spectacular "Last Round" diorama, now you can get to know him on a personal level by interacting with Marijn and the diorama enthusiasts on the new Diorama Discussion Group.  Thanks for joining the team Marijn!

I had been looking for ways to spice up the Back to Basics discussion group and get rid of the beginner stigma associated with this group.  The group has been re-named "Trick and Tips with Terry Ashley" and is now geared towards all general model building & finishing techniques.  Terry is an extremely accomplished modeller who builds in almost every possible genre, so I think he's the man for the job to share all sorts of techniques that crossover between modelling styles and genres.  Thanks for the help Terry!

March 3, 2001 Modellers who are planning on attending the AMPS 2001 convention will want to check out our AMPS 2001 Events/Announcement Page for important information on how to obtain your Missing Links name badges (so you can identify the ML readers you've been chatting with on the DGs for the last 2 years!) and other ML related events going on during the AMPS weekend, including "A Stroll In the Park with Thomas L. Jentz".  Join Tom for a tour of Aberdeen Proving Ground for a real "hands on" 2 hour question and answer session on German WWII AFVs.  This ML sponsored event is free of charge and is a great opportunity to exchange information and ask questions while taking a close look at the variety of German WWII AFVs assembled at APG.

Dinesh "The Singapore Slammer" Ned makes a return to Missing Links with 6 images of his spectacular Jagdpanzer IV L/70 (A).  Thanks Dinesh!

March 2, 2001 While most of us are still waiting for our Eastern Express BA-6 kits to arrive at the local hobby store, lightning fast Steve Zaloga has already finished it weeks ago!  Steve produces one of his masterpieces yet again and presents 4 images of his BA-6 (Spanish Republican) against an interesting scenic background.  Thanks Steve!
February 28, 2001 Another ML exclusive!!  With over 30 years of AFV research experience, the team of Tom Jentz and Hilary Doyle are setting the record straight on the Tiger I with their latest Panzerfacts update : Creating an Accurate Tiger I Model .  This comprehensive list of ALL modifications made to the Tiger I during it's production run will help Missing Links readers interested in modelling this famous tank to create as accurate a model as possible.  With the amount of AFV misinformation that is rampant on the internet, Panzerfacts at Missing Links should be your first stop in the quest for accuracy.  Thanks guys!
February 27, 2001 The East Coast Terror is back!!  Mark Bannerman continues to churn out figure painting articles faster than my Evil little fingers can turn them into html!  This time Mark continues his series on painting faces in 1/35 with Painting 1/35 Scale Heads Using Oils "The Bannerman Way" Part 2.  Much more to come in the near future from Mark so stayed tuned for many more helpful articles.  Thanks Mark!
February 26, 2001 Missing Links is proud to add yet another new contributor to it's team of modellers.  Marc Day makes his Missing Links gallery debut with 9 images of his very nicely painted Schwimmwagen.  Thanks Marc!
February 25, 2001 Added the following reviews:  Custom Dioramics WWII US Tank Crew No. 1, Warriors 35364 SS Tankers Normandy, Warriors 35365 SS Pair (Late War), Warriors 35366 American Soldier 1942-45 and Warriors 35368 Panzer Troops Late War .
February 20, 2001 The list of ML contributors continues to grow at voracious rate as they are sucked into the Missing Links tractor beam.  It's a really good feeling to see this site's popularity continue to grow exponentially with no decline in both quality and quantity of material.  A website is only as good as the strength of it's submissions, many thanks to all of our contributors for continuing to provide such a impressive standard of material and to all of our visitors for the high level of discourse on the discussion groups.  Here are 2 more talented modellers who have just joined the ML team:  Spanish modeller Diego " El Hombre Loco" Quijano makes his ML debut with 4 images of his beautifully weathered KV-1, could there be a new MIG on the frontier?  British modeller Graham Tetley makes his triumphant ML debut with 8 images of his superb IDF Centurian Ben Gurion.  Thanks alot guys for joining the the dark side.  Added the following reviews:  Warriors MW007 - M109 A1/A3 detail and accessory set, Custom Dioramics CD6020 Musical Instruments, Custom Dioramics CD6021 City Square Fountain, Custom Dioramics CD1118 Shop Interior/Archway Ruin and Custom Dioramics CD7001 Canal Dyke Diorama (France WWII).
February 19, 2001 Due to the overwhelming demand from English speaking modellers who would like an insight into the arcane "black magic" that Miguel "MIG" Jimenez uses to create his masterpieces, MIG has been kind enough, with the help of Luciano and Alvaro Rodriguez of CMT, to translate a series of Rarities World "How-to" articles into English exclusively for Missing Links website.  The first installment in this great series is Chipped Painted Fever  where we all get a chance to learn the techniques behind MIG's stunning results.  Thanks for sharing these techniques with us MIG!
February 18, 2001 Yet another Missing Links exclusive!  Missing Links would like to welcome Euromilitaire 2000 Best of Show winner Marijn Van Gils to it's army of contributors.  Marijn's first ML contribution is 29 images of his Bergepanther Ausf. D used in his spectacular Euro 2000 Best of Show winning "Last Round" diorama.  Look for more great gallery items from Marijn in the near future.  Thanks Marijn and welcome aboard!!
February 16, 2001 Missing Links is very proud to introduce French modeller Fabien Descamps to it's ever growing team of contributors.  Fabien's 1st gallery entry are 12 images of his wonderfully weathered Sdkfz 263.  Merci beaucoup Fabien!!
February 15, 2001 Added Antonio Martin's very nice Tiger II Production Turret to the ML gallery.  11 images are included in Antonio's gallery entry.  Thanks Antonio!
February 14, 2001 Added the following reviews:  Sovereign 2000 #S2KV007 Sdkfz 247 and Panzertaktik - JJ Fedorowicz Publishing (9 sample images included).
February 8, 2001 Dan Mouritzsen joins the Missing Links research team with a stunning debut research article covering German Mine Clearing in Denmark 1945-47.  This excellent piece includes 23 never before seen images of a variety of German equipment in a mine clearing role.  Thanks Dan, fantastic stuff!  Added a review of this much anticipated kit:  Eastern Express #35127 BA-6 Armoured Car
February 4, 2001 Miguel Jimenez continues to create masterpiece after masterpiece.  The mighty Spaniard presents 22 images of his brilliant Panther Ausf. G which has fallen into a river.  In my opinion, this has to be MIG's best work yet...who knows what the future holds for "La Bomba"?  Very scary.  Thanks MIG!
February 3, 2001 As with any website, the success of Missing Links can be measured by the credibility of it's contributors.  The ML team can can count amongst it's members some of the best modellers and AFV historians on the planet, a fact that brings great pride to the administration of this website.  This tradition continues at Missing Links with our latest addition to the ML team .

In the field of German WWII AFV research there are 2 names which stand above the rest for accuracy and integrity in research:  Jentz and Doyle.  Missing Links Website is extremely proud to announce a new section of our website entitled PANZERFACTS with Thomas L. Jentz and Hilary L. Doyle.  With each installment, the team of Jentz and Doyle will provide Missing Links readers with groundbreaking new information, insight into their 30 years of AFV research and  the debunking of myths and fallacies that shroud German WWII AFVs.  So without further ado, I'd like to welcome Tom and Hilary to Missing Links and on behalf of the readership, we are all looking forward to further installments of PANZERFACTS.

February 2, 2001 Jorge Lopez returns to the ML gallery with 6 images of his Panzer III Ausf. M.   Added the following reviews: Warriors #35358 SS Tankers, Warriors #35359 SS Wounded, Warriors #35361 American Tank Officer and Warriors #35362 SS Pair 1943-45.
January 29, 2001 Added the following reviews: Panzer's Tactics: Painting and Weathering Military Vehicles Volume One: World War Two, Warriors MW006 M109A2 SP Howitzer Turret Interior, Custom Dioramics 5012 French Business Signs WWII, Custom Dioramics 5013 German Commercial Signs WWII, Custom Dioramics 6016 European Kiosk (large), Custom Dioramics 6017 European Kiosk (small), Custom Dioramics 6018 Machine Shop Equipment and Custom Dioramics 6019 Military Provisions.
January 25, 2001 One of the benefits of the internet is that it allows people from many different cultures to communicate and exchange information in an easy to use setting.  Unfortunately for many people who are not comfortable enough with the English language, this means that they may feel shy or intimidated to communicate with other ML visitors in the standard discussion groups. 

The success of our Japanese language discussion group convinced me that another important bridge across the language barrier was needed.  Today Missing Links is taking yet another step to allow visitors from different cultures the opportunity to exchange ideas in their native tongue and for English speaking ML visitors to perhaps try their hand at communicating in a language other than English and make some new friends from other countries. 

A large number of Missing Links readers have suggested that since Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language on the planet that the time was due for a Spanish language discussion group.  Missing Links is extremely proud to have well known Spanish uber-modeller Miguel Jimenez "MIG" host the Missing Links/Rarities World Spanish Language Discussion GroupSo on behalf of the entire Missing Links staff I'd like to welcome MIG to the team and welcome all of our Spanish visitors to this new discussion group.  Bienvenido a Missing Links!

January 23, 2001 Jean Baptiste Verlhac returns with a weathering tour de force entiled Eastern Front Encounter (Spring 1943).  22 images of this stunning gallery entry have been added.    Modellers wishing to simulate knocked out vehicles should take note of the unltra-realistic weathering of the T34 in this diorama.
January 22, 2001 If Steve Zaloga were to bring every model he has built in the last year to AMPS 2001, he'd need a 40ft trailer.  Steve continues to build at a rate that would kill mere mortals and presents 4 images of his Italian M11/39.  Thanks Steve!
January 19, 2001 The body count keeps rising - Missing Links is proud to introduce yet another addition to it's ever growing team of top notch contributors: well known IDF expert Mark Hazzard makes his ML debut with 6 images of his very impressive Dodge 3/4 ton Weapons Carrier (Israeli Service) in the ML gallery.  Welcome to the team Mark!
January 18, 2001 A treat for modern armour fans: Chris Mrosko presents 3 images of his award winning Japanese Type 74 MBT in a winter setting.  Thanks Chris!
January 16, 2001 The Mighty MIG is back!!  La Bomba returns with 6 images of his Jagdpanzer 38 "Hetzer" (Polish Service).  MIG fans will have more to cheer about very soon as there will be some special MIG features here on ML in the coming days.  Stay tuned!
January 13, 2001 Added 5 images of Bob Oehler's gorgeous Schwimmwagen Typ 128 in the gallery.  Thanks Bob!
January 12, 2001 Pascal Roquigny makes his first appearance and joins the team of bad, bad men from Missing Links.  Pascal's debut gallery entry includes 5 images of simply the nicest Famo I have yet seen.   Beautiful weathering Pascal, welcome to the team.
January 11, 2001 Missing Links is pleased to welcome yet another addition to our ever growing army of contributors!!  Jose A. Velazquez makes his debut appearance in the ML gallery with 5 images of his absolutely fantastic, beautifully weathered BMP-2 in Chechnya.  Welcome to the team Jose!!
January 9, 2001 Chris Mrosko always manages to find the pictures of the wildest vehicles.  Case in point:  3 images of  a Serbian T55/M18 Hellcat Hybrid that many of you have been asking about on the Modern Discussion Group.   Thanks Chris!  And just in case some of you think that webmasters don't build any models, I added 6 images of my Tiger II July 1945 to the gallery.
January 6, 2001 Steve Zaloga returns to Missing Links with yet another fantastic model.  This time Steve presents 3 images of his M5 13 ton High Speed Tractor.   Thanks Steve!
January 5, 2001 Just in time for the Alan SIG 33 release Gray Creager comes to the rescuse of Missing links readers with 17 details shots of the 15cm SIG 33.   This will be essential to anyone intending to detail this artillery piece.   Mark Bannerman continues his unrelenting quest to paint everything in sight with his latest article:  Painting Black/African Faces.  Thanks to all our contributors and visitors for keeping up the high level of contributions and intelligent, polite discourse to this site!
January 3, 2001 Added the following reviews: Warriors MW-004 US M3 75mm Half Track Conversion, Warriors MW-005 M10 Accessory Set, Custom Dioramics CD1116 PaK 40 Bunker #1 and Legends and Lore #LL046 120mm Reichmarshall Goering.
January 1, 2001 Well, it's a new year and we have a new discussion group!   At the request of several Missing Links readers who feel that the somewhat techinical nature of some of our current discussion groups may be a bit intimidating to newcomers in the hobby, I have created a new Beginners Modelling Discussion Group.   I would encourage anyone who has felt a bit shy to post basic modelling questions to begin asking these questions in this group.  I also strongly suggest that each and every experienced ML reader visit this group from time to time and help out those who are new to the hobby and make them feel at home at Missing Links Website.  Happy New Year!
December 29, 2000 Another Think Tank update, this time courtesy of Tomasz Basarabowicz who this time provides us with 5 images of German AFVs in the Mediterranean.  Nice Famo pics, thanks Tomasz!
December 28, 2000 By popular demand I have added Mark Bannerman's revolutionary article on Painting Shadows with Oil Pencils to the figures article section.  Added the following reviews: Warriors #35353 Panzer IV or Panther Crew, Warriors #35354 US Soldier Painting, Warriors #35355 Waffen SS Grenadier Russia 1943 and Warriors #35356 German Tankers Loading Ammo .
December 27, 2000 The Missing Links Think Tank gets a much needed update with 38 images of The War in Finland graciously provided by Ville Kosonen which includes not only excellent armour images, but some great uniform references for figure modellers.  Thanks Ville!
December 21, 2000 "Il Diablo" says "Feliz Navidad"!!   Joaqun Garca Gzquez returns with 12 images of his beautifully weathered Wespe in the ML gallery.
December 20, 2000 Infamous Canuck treadhead Don Dingwall makes his debut at Evil Empire Inc. with an interesting Batus paint scheme in his Building Aran Models' Ferret Mk. 2/3 article.  Toni Canfora presents 16 images of his very nice Sdkfz 250/1 Neu which some of you may have seen at Euromilitaire.

Please note that at the request of several Missing Links readers that we now have a "guestbook" which will allow you to tell a bit more about yourselves and find modellers with similar interests from around the world.  The Guestbook link is located on the main page just below the search function box.  Thanks to all our readers for their helpful suggestions.

December 15, 2000 Bob Oehler makes his Missing Links gallery debut with 4 images of his Schwimmwagen.   Chris Mrosko continues his quest to build unique and unusual modern vehicles with 2 images of his Somali Technical.  Thanks guys!
December 14, 2000 The official results for the Missing Links 1st Annual Contest are now online.  Organising the announcement of the results took longer than I had expected, but Bob Oehler from Tamiya generously arranged for a special prize for Missing Links Staff Choice for Best of Show, so I think the wait was worth it!  Thanks Bob!   On behalf of the staff I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the contest, congratulations to all our winners and a big thanks to all our sponsors without whom this contest would never have been possible.  Voting was extremely close in many categories as the average number of 1576 people who voted in each category would attest.   It's time to start building and writing for the NEXT Missing Links online contest beginning in January 2001!

Please click here to see the contest entries and final results, along with the all important sponsors list.  I will be contacting the winners via email shortly to arrange distribution of prizes.  Thanks everyone!

December 13, 2000 Ahh..Paris in the spring....quaint cafes, la Tour D'Eiffel, young mademoiselles, Gilles Peiffer building modern armour.....wait a minute....

French modeller of Steelmasters fame Gille Peiffer launches his modern armour assault on Missing Links!!  Gilles' first gallery contribution is his very realistic MTLB with ZU23/2 (Chechenya 2000).  Six images accompany Gilles' gallery entry.  Bienvenue a l'quipe Missing Links Gilles!!

December 9, 2000 The contest voting for best of show is now closed.  I will be tabulating everything shortly and prepare an official announcement.   Many thanks to all our entrants for making this contest such a success.  If anyone feels that they were subject to an undervote, please contact the Missing Links legal department via Cranford Smith.

Steve Zaloga continues to build models of the M3/M5 light tank family like an unstoppable juggernaut that cannot be reasoned with!  This time Steve puts an interesting Photoshop twist to his model of an M5 Stuart.  Thanks Steve!

December 2, 2000 Added the following reviews:  Accurate Armour C61 Stuart III/M3A1, Accurate Armour A59 Cromwell Tank Engine Bay, Aber 35075 Sdkfz 250/9 Neu 2cm Recon, Aber 35096 5cm Pak 38, Wehrmacht Heer Camouflage Colours 1939-1945, Eduard Express Masks, Osprey Order of Battle #8 & 9 The Ardennes Offensive, South African Colours and Markings, Eastern Express SU-152, Steel Fortress T28 & Land Battleship T35 books, AFV Club #35S06 M115 8in Howitzer, Italeri #379 LVT-4 and Osprey Warrior #26 - US Paratrooper 1941-45.
November 30, 2000 OPERATION BUM STEYR has been launched!!! It' a Steyr invasion on Missing Links with 6 Tamiya Steyr models uploaded to the gallery!!  Nick Cortese's Missing Links debut Steyr Kommandeurwagen, Mic Bradshaw's Steyr Kommandeurwagen, Ian Kaiser's Steyr Kommandeurwagen, Andrew Dextras' Steyr Kommandeurwagen, James Blackwell's Steyr Kommandeurwagen and Eric Mac Intyre's Steyr 1500 A/01.  Many thanks to all who have participated in OPERATION BUM STEYR!!
November 26, 2000 Added Jens Kronvold Frederiksen's Sdkfz 251 "Stuka Zu Fuss" to the gallery.
November 23, 2000 After great deliberation the Missing Links staff have determined that the contest entries were of such a high calibre that making a decision in many of the categories was extremely difficult and would be unfair to many of the participants who did such a great job on the articles. 

Therefore we have no choice but to let you, the Missing Links readership, decide the results of the contest by conducting a vote.  In each category you can only vote once (note to people from Florida: this means only one vote per category) at which point the top 3 vote-getters per category will take 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 

This voting period will end Thurday November 30 (note to Florida residents:  this means it ends November 30, 2000) at which point we will tabulate the votes for each first place winner, create one last poll and let the readership decide the "best of show".  Our apologies to all the contest participants for the delay, but we feel this is the most democratic and fair way to proceed with this contest.

Please go here and place your votes:  Missing Links Contest Page.

November 21, 2000 Ikea.  Volvo.  Abba.  Bayerl.  The Swedish Global Domination Plan continues with 4 images of Gunnar Jansson's striking  Jagdpanther Final Version.   Thanks Gunnar!
November 20, 2000 The contest entires are now all uploaded to the site and the judging process has begun.  I'd like to thank all of our contest particpants for making this 1st annual online contest such a success.  Good luck to all of our particpants!

Back to business:  Missing Links would like to welcome Vince Pedulla to it's ever growing army of modelling madmen.  Vince's debut gallery entry is 11 images of his very attractive Bergepanther Ausf. G.   Welcome to the team Vince!

November 19, 2000 Added Mario Ales' second contest entry:  "Silence!" Diorama featuring the Tamiya Cromwell and Warriors Panzerjagers.
November 18, 2000 Added Matt messmer's contest entry:  Converting Academy’s Mid Tiger #1387 into a Mid or Late Tiger with an Accurate Interior
November 14, 2000 Added Stephen Brezinski's second contest entry: The 88 mm Flak 36 in 1/72 .  I also corrected an error in JP Morgan's Accurizing and Converting VM's Valentine to a Canadian Valentine Mk VII in Soviet Use article which truncated the majority of the article text.
November 12, 2000 Added Mathew Malogorski's contest entry:  Superdetailing the GIAT "LeClerc" Main Battle Tank.
November 11, 2000 Added Gran hlstrm's contest entry: Confessions of a Shermanoholic - Detailing and Correcting Italeri’s Sherman M4A1.
November 9, 2000 Added Antonio Martin Tello's second contest entry:  Building a Porsche Jagdtiger.
November 5, 2000 With the tremendous amount of talented AFV modellers from Japan, it's always been a goal of mine to have a discussion group in Japanese so that Japanese modellers could stop by and discuss happenings in the AFV world.  With the help of some AFV modellers from Japan, I'd like to introduce the Missing Links Japanese Language AFV Modelling Discussion Group hosted by Yasutsugu Mori.  This discussion group requires that you can read Japanese, but this translation site may help those of us who can't.  Welcome to Missing Links!
November 4, 2000 Added Rhodes Williams' contest entry: The Last Panther in Pomerania.  Users on slow connections be warned that this article has 109 images and lots of text.
November 2, 2000 Added JP Morgan's 2nd contest entry: Accurizing and Converting VM's Valentine to a Canadian Valentine Mk VII in Soviet Use.
October 31, 2000 Added Jari Lievonen's contest entry:  Painting Models - Evolution or Revolution?.
October 26, 2000 I will be uploading the next batch of the contest entries starting this weekend.  However in the meantime you can feast you eyes on Chris Mrosko's latest creation, 5 images of his Stug III Ausf. G Early.  Thanks Chris!
October 24, 2000 A short break from the barrage of contest entries:  Steve Zaloga serves up a spicy little number:  P40 (PzKpfw 737i).   Look for this model to appear in a future issue of Military Modelling Magazine.   Thanks Steve!
October 23, 2000 Added Adam Wilder's contest entry:  Painting and Weathering.
October 22, 2000 Added Chris Leeman's contest entry:  Building and Detailing Alan's Flammpanzer IID.
October 21, 2000 Added Jeff Brooks' contest entry:  M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo
October 20, 2000 Added Stephen Brezinki's contest entry:  Molding for the Masses: A Beginner’s Experience in Gravity and Centrifugal Resin-Casting Small Model Parts..
October 18, 2000 Added Mario Ales' contest entry:  Dragon T34/85 model 1944.
October 17, 2000 Added Mike Millette's contest entry: Backdating Tamiya's M48A3 to an M48A1
October 15, 2000 Added Fabrizio Micheli's contest entry: 1945:  Approaching the End.

Added the following reviews:  Peter Brown's review of Russian Armoured Cars 1930-2000, and Italeri #378 LAV-25 Motor Carrier, John Prigent's review of Russian Armoured Cars 1930-2000 and Azimut #35334 155mm M12, Frank de Sisto reviews Mr. Churchill's Tank, Eduard #35319 M109A6 Paladin, Eduard #35325 BM-13 Katyusha, Eduard #35328 T-80 MBT, Eduard #35329 T-72M2 w/ERA, Eduard #35336 URAL-4320 , Tamiya #89562 Tiger I Ausf. E with crew, Eduard #35323 Sdkfz 232 (8 rad), Eduard #35308 Pak 38 5cm, Eduard #35304 Demag D7 (with Flak 38), Eduard #35330 Flakpanzer Kugelblitz, Andrew Dextras reviews Aber 35071 Upper Hull for Panzerjager IMilitaria in Detail #4 JagdpantherThe Tankograd Gazette ,IS ARVs - Tankograd Special #1, Aber 35A63 Panzer I Ausf. A & B fenders, Militaria in Detail #3 M3 Grant/M4, Armada #20 T-26 part 1.   Many thanks to the ML review team!

October 14, 2000 Added yvind Leonsen's contest entry: A Tiger II of sPz. Abt 503.
October 13, 2000 Added Alvaro Rodriguez's contest entry:  Quad 50 Gun Trucks Online Reference Library.
October 10, 2000 Things are heating up...Graeme Davidson's contest entry:   Converting a LRDG Ford F30 30cwt.
October 9, 2000 A little break from the contest entries today, but you'll understand why when you see it.  With the high standard of modelling talent who contribute to this site it can become easy to get somewhat used to the exceptional models and research work on display.  However, once in awhile a model appears in my inbox that is truly beyond description.  Mirko Bayerl, the Swedish "God of Thunder" steps down from Asgard and presents 28 images of his Euromilitaire Gold medal winning Panther Ausf. G (IR).  Thanks Mirko for sharing your model with us.  However, anyone interested in buying my complete unbuilt model collection can contact me offline, I have now taken up collecting Pokemon action figures.
October 8, 2000 Added Kevin Kenny's contest entry: M109A6 Paladin.
October 7, 2000 Added Matt Black's figures article for the contest: How to Paint Realistic Waffen SS Camouflage Uniforms
October 6, 2000 Well known braille scale madman Alex Clark presents his contest entry: Kit bashing a 1/72 scale T-80UD.
October 5, 2000 Today's contest entry:  JP Morgan's research article Building an AVGP Grizzly - part 1.
October 4, 2000 Barry Crook's Axis WWII contest entry has been added: Sdkfz 234/2 Puma - The Italeri Kit Reincarnated.
October 3, 2000 New contest entry added tonight.  This time modern armour maniac Olaf Kievit presents a research article on The Leopard series of Main Battle Tanks.
October 2, 2000 The contest entries keep rolling in.  This time Douglas Bauer's article on Building a Small Scale BAT-M is featured.
October 1, 2000 The Missing Links 1st Annual Online Contest submission date has come and past.  Now it's time to start displaying the excellent entries we have received.  Since the quality of the articles is so high, throughout the month of October we will be uploading the contest entries one at a time to give all of our readers plenty of time to read the articles in detail and enjoy them (believe me, many of them will take a while to read as they have plenty of text and lots of images).  After the upload period is over then the Missing Links judges will vote on the entries and the winners will be announced.  Many thanks to all who have entered our contest and a big thanks again to all our sponsors.

The first entry to be posted is Antonio Martin Tello's "The Stalin Brothers".

September 30, 2000 Steve Zaloga continues his relentless pursuit of modelling every US armour model from WWII.  This time Steve presents 5 images of his heavily corrected and superdetailed M36B1.   Thanks Steve!
September 24, 2000 In an effort to continue improving upon the Missing Links website concept, I have decided to create a new discussion group which I felt would help many of the modellers out there who enjoy making dioramas.  Terry Ashley is now the emcee of the Missing Links Diorama Discussion Group.

Mark Bannerman joins the Missing Links team!!  The well known Canadian figure guru can now be found hosting the Missing Links Figures Discussion Group.  Welcome to the team Mark!

Spetember 20, 2000 Missing Links would like to welcome Jean Baptiste Verlhac to it's ever growing army of contributors.  JBV presents some excellent ultra realistic weathering with 20 images of his Jagdpanzer IV L/70.   Image #7 of the open hatch shows the best chipped paint/rust weathering I have ever seen.  Slammin' Sammy Dwyer keeps pumping out those great models, Sam presents 7 images of his Last Stand dio.  Thanks guys!
September 17, 2000 The Lord of Darkness returns with yet another of his atmospheric dioramas.  Ian Hill shows us what aircraft models are useful for with 7 images of his fabulous Stormbird dio.  Thanks Ian!
September 16, 2000 Missing Links would like to welcome Mike Bedard to it's team of contributors.  Mike presents 4 images of his Type 95 Ha-Go in the gallery.   Welcome aboard Mike!
September 6, 2000 The Mighty Duo from Spain are back!!  Miguel Jimenez presents 13 images of his Wiesel Mk 20A1 while Jorge Lopez displays 8 images of his Famo.  Graeme Davidson shares his Operation Granby Scorpion in the gallery.   Thanks guys!
September 1, 2000 Please note that I mistakenly forgot to add Paul Gillan's Leopard 2A5 in yesterday's Leopard Colony upload.  Sorry Paul! 

Added 2 new reviews:  AJ Press Tank Power Panther volume 4 and Wydawnictwo 4th Panzer Division 4 volume set (#87,97,102& 112).

August 31, 2000 Invasion of the Leopards!!  No less than 8 Leopard 2A5s have been added to the gallery:  Shane Abdoo's Leopard 2A5, Jon Bailey's Leopard 2A5, James Blackwell had to build 2 of them Leopard 2A5 (x2), Andrew Dextras' Leopard 2A5, Slammin' Sam Dwyer's Leopard 2A5, Michael Bradshaw's Leopard 2A5, Paul Gillan's Leopard 2A5 and finally Eric Mac Intyre's Leopard 2A5.  Thanks to everyone who participated in Operation Leopard Colony, with a special thanks to Brett Green for his help.
August 26, 2000 More small scale madness!!  Alex Clark returns with 4 images of his superb Challenger I Mk 3.  Alex has also provided some updated images of his T-80 UD.  John Prigent reviews 2 new books on WWII Russian AFVs: Steel Fortress T28 & Land Battleship T35 books.  Thanks guys!
August 24, 2000 Jens Kronvold Frederiksen returns and presents 9 images of his beautifully painted Flammpanzer 38.  Thanks Jens!
August 21, 2000 Small scale dio-meister Justo Mira Paya returns with an absolutely stunning small scale diorama entitled Souvenirs of Normandy.   6 images of this "I can't believe it's not 1/35" diorama are included in this gallery entry.  The Spanish armour monsters from Rarities World make their Missing Links review debut with a review of Euromodelismo Tanks in Russia (I).  Thanks guys!
August 17, 2000 The Panzer-Maestro returns!!  James Blackwell steps out of the Cone of Silence and shares 6 images of his breathtaking vignette of 120mm Michael Wittmann (with Cromwell) with the Missing Links readership.  John Prigent must have waited in line all night to pick up the first copy of the eagerly anticipated Nuts and Bolts #13 Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind & Ostwind. Mrosko Mojo Month conitnues with Chris' TPz 1 Fuchs.   Thanks guys!
August 10, 2000 Mrosko Mojo Month keeps rolling with Chris' 2-1/2 ton Jimmy.   Addeed 2 new Aber reviews:  Aber 35070 Gun Shield for Panzerjager I (late) and Aber 35074 Sd. Kfz. 250/8 Neu "Stummel".
August 9, 2000 More Mrosko madness with Chris' Kubelwagen.
August 8, 2000 Mrosko Mojo Month keeps moving along with Chris' M88A1.
August 7, 2000 Canadian figure guru Mark Bannerman goes for the throat with 7, yes count 'em, 7 very helpful new figure articles:Painting Asian Faces, Painting Figures - Adding Details, Painting an Italian Tank Commander Figure, Painting Light Coloured Clothing, Painting an Italian Tank Officer Figure , Painting a British Dispatcher Figure and Painting Whites.   Mrosko Mojo Month keeps on rolling with 2 images of Chris' Panhard VBL.  Thanks to Mark and Chris for making this update possible!
August 4, 2000 More Mrosko Madness:  T28 in Finnish Service.
August 3, 2000 Mrosko Mojo Month rolls along with 2 images of Chris' Steyr 1500A/01.
August 2, 2000 Mrosko Mojo Month continues with Chris' Cromwell Mk. IV.
August 1, 2000 Oh behave....yeah baby....yeah!  It's "Mrosko Mojo Month" on Missing Links!  Missing Links would like to welcome Chris "Panzer" Mrosko to it's team of contributors.  Chris has been kind enough to share some images of his great models with us and all through the month of August we will be featuring them on a regular basis.  First up, 4 images of Chris' M26 Dragon Wagon have been added to the gallery.  Thanks to Chris for joining the Missing Links team.

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